Tips On The Safe Use Of Scented Candles Outdoors

Scented candles are extremely in demand nowadays as a simple yet effective way to decorate your home. They can be bought in such a grand variety of colours, as well as different shapes and sizes, so that it is often quite straightforward to obtain a candle to match or compliment the decorative effect you are endeavouring to come up with for your home. But did it ever cross your mind that you can also use scented candles in the open air? Scented candles are a terrific way of decorating a table for a barbeque or for an al fresco dinner when you are making the most of the more benign summer weather.

You can also decorative your garden by using scented candles. For instance, if you have a garden wall then a few scented candles sat on the top of it will look most attractive, particularly when the sunlight fades. Another terrific idea is to position scented candles just at the edges of pathways to light them up as daylight fades in the evening. Scented candles in jars or tins would be the ideal choice in these cases, for example the ones you will find from luxury manufacturers such as true grace candles or Yankee candles. But always bear in mind some commonsense safety tips- ensure you sit your candles safely on a level surface. Even outside the house a candle, if knocked over, can can create a fire hazard. If at all possible, sit your candles on a heat resistant holder – for instance a coaster or place mat – so as to be certain it is wide enough for the size of the candle. If you are using pillar candles rather than jar candles, then the same advice applies to placing them on a flat, secure surface but, in addition, the first time you light the candle, let it burn for a few hours at the very minimum so as to hollow out the edges of the candle. This creates a “well” which holds the molten wax, preventing spills. When you next come to light the candle, endeavour to make sure that the wick is of a suitable size – a height of two to three centimeters is ideal.

If the wick of the candle is greater than that, discard any extra, so that you can be certain of a cleaner, more even burn, with less risk of sparks or dirt or debris collecting in the candle. To blow your candle out, if you do not have a special wick dipper, the next best thing is to use a spoon. Dip the wick while still alight into the pool of the candle’s own hot wax. This will put out the flame with hardly any soot and leave the wick clean for the next time you decide to burn your candle. Naturally enough, it is not a great idea to leave a candle outdoors if it is very hot or when it is raining heavily. Always keep candles out of the reach of children and animals. While your candle is aflame, don’t lift it up or move it. Burning candles should never be left unattended.