A Review of the Wickless Scented Candle

In the search for something different in scented candles I tried a few wickless candles. Wickless scented candles come in many shapes and sizes most have a ceramic candle warmer. The candle bars melt within the warmer which releases fragrance without needed a flame. Using this type of candle allows you to enjoy beautiful fragrances within your home in safe and convenient manner.

When using this type of candle there is no wax evaporation and no carbon emissions. The warmer only warms the wax and nothing is burned like traditional flame based wax candles. The warmers use a 25 watt bulb which is included with the warmer. All that is done is you break off one or two sections from the candle bars then place on top of the warmer. Once the scented candle wax is placed into the warmer you can switch on the warmer and the heat from the 25 watt bulb will warm the wax and the scent will be release into the air. The light bulbs will typically last a long time.

There are many different types of warmers to choose from with new ones added monthly. You can even get some of your favorite college logo warmers. The warmers look hand crafted and will complement your home.

The oils are handpicked and formulated to dispense many aromas. The scents come in the form of bars for easy handling and storage. All the scented candle waxes are hazard free and safe, nothing can catch fire so there are no worries. There are many scents available for the warmers so the choices are pretty open. These scents also last quite a bit longer the traditional scented candles. The great thing about the scented wax is that they are solid fragrance, you get just as much scent at the bottom as at the top. These wickless candles are great for those of you who are fearful of the fire danger and/or don’t care to make your own candles. Thus far these wickless candles offer a great price and great quality. Plus these wickless candles will burn 3 times longer the traditional candles. So give one a try you won’t be disappointed. Oh, by the way for those of you looking for some holiday decorations and scents go online and check out some new ones available starting in November 2009, go online to search what’s available and for more information on the wickless scented candles if your are interested.

The Benefits of Scentsy Scented Candles

People have been continuously searching for scented candles that are not only safe for their health and the environment but also those that have many different scents. These are the reasons why people opt for Scentsy candles; they are safe to use and have various scents that people love. The following are benefits of using this kind of candle:

1. Aesthetic Element

One of the benefits of using scented candles is the decorative detail it can give to any space. It can be an interesting addition to a table or mantle which would definitely add sophistication and style. You can either use a simple candle and put it inside a decorative lantern or add some embellishments for added design. Your imagination is only the limit when it comes to using scented candles for decorations.

2. Heavenly Scent

However, people are crazy about candles primarily because of the wonderful smell it can give especially if lighted. It can mask any unpleasant odor in any space especially if they are placed in a good spot. You can put them in any area; it could be in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and even your bathroom. So the next time your kitchen smells like onion, light a scented candle.

3. Aromatherapy Effect

Another benefit it can give is its aromatherapy effect. There’s no need to go to a wellness or aromatherapy center to get a feeling of serenity, or to eliminate stress after a busy day at work or at home. You can actually achieve this at the comfort of your home or in your office. If you feel worn out at the end of the day, just light a scented candle and inhale its soothing and invigorating scent. In fact you can choose from many different variants to suit your personal preference.

4. Safety

However, lighting scented candles can sometimes pose as a threat to our health. This is because some candles, especially petroleum-based, release harmful chemicals into the air not to mention the soot produced from the burning of the wick. There’s nothing to worry as there is a way to get around this issue. The benefits of scented candles can be fully enjoyed because now more and more candles are made of natural components which are a much safer alternative.

Another is the use of wax bars which exudes fragrance by slowly warming it instead of burning. This type of candle doesn’t have wick thereby eliminating harmful soot. Since it is flameless, there is no need to be concerned that it might tumble and cause fire. This is certainly the best option especially if you have kids at home.

So the next time you buy scented candles, consider first the above-mentioned benefits. Scentsy candles maybe flameless but it still offers all the benefits a good candle must possess and that is why people love it.

Going Green – Use Natural Scented Soy Candles

As more people become environmentally conscious, and aware of our individual footprints being left on the Earths ecosystem, new personal choices are being made to reduce their negative impact.

The new saying “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” to slow the progression of future ecological degradation of our planet, is being adopted as a lifestyle by an increasing number of people who have personally vowed to change their way of thinking.

Writing books on how to make scented soy candles and tea lights was just one more step in my development when I started going green. Once you become a supporter of going green, you will look around and spot ways to reduce, or stop your contributing to toxins released into the environment. Learning how to make my own scented soy candles not only helped me to clean up the air in my home, but it also is another step to reduce dependency on oil production, since paraffin wax is made from fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels can be harmful to the environment. During the exploration process native wildlife habitats are impacted, even the drilling process itself contributes to ecological contamination. Demand for fossil fuels has reached an unprecedented high, and protection of our oceans and ecologically seems to have been taken second place to corporate profits as seen from the investigation of the recent oil rig explosion.

Soy candles are natural, organic candle wax can be found, and they are not made from petroleum. To create soy wax, soybeans are processed producing soybean, which is then converted into natural soy candle wax. This produces a biodegradable wax, which is Eco-friendly.

Studies have shown up to 11 carcinogens are released when paraffin wax is burned. Those toxins can be harmful to adults, but are especially damaging to the lungs of young children with allergies, or asthmatic conditions. Even pets can suffer harm. Soy candles are safe to burn around pets and young children, because they do not produce damaging toxins, which cannot be said for the paraffin candle.

Black soot produced by paraffin candles can also be damaging to walls, even rising into, and coating the rafters of homes. Cleanup may require harsh chemicals in the event of spills. Natural soy candle wax cleans up with simple soap and water, unlike paraffin wax. Bowls and utensils used making soy candles can be safely thrown into the dishwasher. Paraffin wax is extremely difficult to remove, and it will coat drain pipes and damage plumbing, so please remember to dispose of any leftover materials carefully. Avoid pouring paraffin wax down the sink at all costs.

Although switching to a cleaner, Eco-friendly burning soy candle may appear to be a small step in your transition to going green, each step taken is important, and you are to be congratulated. Every time a paraffin candles is extinguished the harm resulting from fossil fuel is reduced just a tiny bit more.

Unfortunately, today on the weather channel I heard April 2010 was the hottest temperature in recorded history for oceanic temperatures since 1880. All this while watching the advance of the oil spillage on the Florida and surrounding states shorelines. Sometimes I feel like for every single step forward, corporate negligence forces us to take two steps backward.

For more information on how to make your own ecologically friendly, scented soy candles, and related articles please visit my blog, and website.