Going Green – Use Natural Scented Soy Candles

As more people become environmentally conscious, and aware of our individual footprints being left on the Earths ecosystem, new personal choices are being made to reduce their negative impact.

The new saying “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” to slow the progression of future ecological degradation of our planet, is being adopted as a lifestyle by an increasing number of people who have personally vowed to change their way of thinking.

Writing books on how to make scented soy candles and tea lights was just one more step in my development when I started going green. Once you become a supporter of going green, you will look around and spot ways to reduce, or stop your contributing to toxins released into the environment. Learning how to make my own scented soy candles not only helped me to clean up the air in my home, but it also is another step to reduce dependency on oil production, since paraffin wax is made from fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels can be harmful to the environment. During the exploration process native wildlife habitats are impacted, even the drilling process itself contributes to ecological contamination. Demand for fossil fuels has reached an unprecedented high, and protection of our oceans and ecologically seems to have been taken second place to corporate profits as seen from the investigation of the recent oil rig explosion.

Soy candles are natural, organic candle wax can be found, and they are not made from petroleum. To create soy wax, soybeans are processed producing soybean, which is then converted into natural soy candle wax. This produces a biodegradable wax, which is Eco-friendly.

Studies have shown up to 11 carcinogens are released when paraffin wax is burned. Those toxins can be harmful to adults, but are especially damaging to the lungs of young children with allergies, or asthmatic conditions. Even pets can suffer harm. Soy candles are safe to burn around pets and young children, because they do not produce damaging toxins, which cannot be said for the paraffin candle.

Black soot produced by paraffin candles can also be damaging to walls, even rising into, and coating the rafters of homes. Cleanup may require harsh chemicals in the event of spills. Natural soy candle wax cleans up with simple soap and water, unlike paraffin wax. Bowls and utensils used making soy candles can be safely thrown into the dishwasher. Paraffin wax is extremely difficult to remove, and it will coat drain pipes and damage plumbing, so please remember to dispose of any leftover materials carefully. Avoid pouring paraffin wax down the sink at all costs.

Although switching to a cleaner, Eco-friendly burning soy candle may appear to be a small step in your transition to going green, each step taken is important, and you are to be congratulated. Every time a paraffin candles is extinguished the harm resulting from fossil fuel is reduced just a tiny bit more.

Unfortunately, today on the weather channel I heard April 2010 was the hottest temperature in recorded history for oceanic temperatures since 1880. All this while watching the advance of the oil spillage on the Florida and surrounding states shorelines. Sometimes I feel like for every single step forward, corporate negligence forces us to take two steps backward.

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