A Review of the Wickless Scented Candle

In the search for something different in scented candles I tried a few wickless candles. Wickless scented candles come in many shapes and sizes most have a ceramic candle warmer. The candle bars melt within the warmer which releases fragrance without needed a flame. Using this type of candle allows you to enjoy beautiful fragrances within your home in safe and convenient manner.

When using this type of candle there is no wax evaporation and no carbon emissions. The warmer only warms the wax and nothing is burned like traditional flame based wax candles. The warmers use a 25 watt bulb which is included with the warmer. All that is done is you break off one or two sections from the candle bars then place on top of the warmer. Once the scented candle wax is placed into the warmer you can switch on the warmer and the heat from the 25 watt bulb will warm the wax and the scent will be release into the air. The light bulbs will typically last a long time.

There are many different types of warmers to choose from with new ones added monthly. You can even get some of your favorite college logo warmers. The warmers look hand crafted and will complement your home.

The oils are handpicked and formulated to dispense many aromas. The scents come in the form of bars for easy handling and storage. All the scented candle waxes are hazard free and safe, nothing can catch fire so there are no worries. There are many scents available for the warmers so the choices are pretty open. These scents also last quite a bit longer the traditional scented candles. The great thing about the scented wax is that they are solid fragrance, you get just as much scent at the bottom as at the top. These wickless candles are great for those of you who are fearful of the fire danger and/or don’t care to make your own candles. Thus far these wickless candles offer a great price and great quality. Plus these wickless candles will burn 3 times longer the traditional candles. So give one a try you won’t be disappointed. Oh, by the way for those of you looking for some holiday decorations and scents go online and check out some new ones available starting in November 2009, go online to search what’s available and for more information on the wickless scented candles if your are interested.